Friday, January 23, 2015

Abandoned (But Not Structures)

Old Tracks - McKinney, Texas
These old railroad tracks are no longer used, and eventually they'll be torn up and replaced with a DART light-rail expansion.
Sometimes I find and photograph abandoned things, but they are not associated with structures. They seem, either thematically or aesthetically, to belong with my urban exploration images, but, technically speaking, they probably fall into a different genre.

I still find these things interesting, perhaps even as much as abandoned buildings. There is a certain loneliness and uneasiness to them. There are questions begging for answers (answers that are typically lost to time).

So I thought I'd share these images here in this post. These have been captured over the last four-ish years using a variety of cameras.
Forgotten Highway 58 - Mojave, California
This old section of California Highway 58 was replaced a couple decades ago by a freeway bypass around the town of Mojave. Now it sits forgotten and unused in the desert.

Ambassador Custo - Wickenburg, Arizona
Someone's old car, left to rust in the desert.
The Beauty of Trash - Rosamond, California
People have a bad idea that the vast empty landscape is their personal landfill.
Old Milage Marker - Mojave, California
This is an old highway that no longer exists, replaced by the Randsburg Cutoff Road. 
Magnavox - Rosamond, California
Someone dumped their old TV in the desert.
Unwanted Joy - Rosamond, California
They also dumped their Christmas decor in the desert.
Red Chair At Lake - Princeton, Texas
Found this chair on a lake shore. Perhaps it is used by a fisherman.
Deserted Bear - Rosamond, California
Someone didn't want their stuffed bear. This was probably a Christmas gift. Now it is lost in the Mojave Desert.

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