Friday, January 16, 2015

Days Are Numbered For Boss Hog Ranch

Boss Hog - Tehachapi, California
About a year-and-a-half ago I stopped by the abandoned Boss Hog Ranch outside of Tehachapi, California. This funky little place was once a berry farm and petty zoo. I talked to a law enforcement officer who remembered that towards the end the it was also a meth lab. It's been closed for a while now.

There are several structures on the property. There's a small house that's pretty old, plus a couple of manufactured homes. There's a workshop. There are a couple of buildings that were for the animals. A shed. A small greenhouse. Some RVs. Everything's falling apart, slowly becoming dilapidated.
Thank You For Stopping By - Tehachapi, California
I mentioned earlier this week that you should not wait to visit abandoned locations, and this is a good example of why. I've noticed some activity over the last several months at the Boss Hog Ranch. Just yesterday I learned that a church in Pasadena has purchased the place.

I don't know what the church plans to do with the Boss Hog Ranch, but I guarantee that it is not to leave it in its abandoned state. They might turn it into a camp or retreat. Perhaps they plan to build a church on the site. Whatever the plan is, the opportunity to explore the place has come and gone--or at least will be gone for good real soon.

Update: I just learned that chickens are being raised on the property (for the church in Pasadena). There's also a security camera near the gate. If you want to visit the site, I would definitely seek permission first. 
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