Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Don't Wait To Explore & Photograph Abandoned Buildings

Dilapidated Lancaster Home - Lancaster, California
Don't procrastinate. Don't hesitate. If you don't photograph that abandoned building you've been thinking about, it might be gone by the time you get around to it.

This happened to me recently. I'd been eyeing this little abandoned shack. I'd passed it buy a hundred or more times, and each time I told myself that I should photograph it. But I never did and recently it was leveled. My opportunities were lost.

There's this one abandoned house that I photographed a while back--it was in pretty rough shape. A recent storm came rolling through, and high winds knocked it over. If I had not photographed it when I did, my chance would be gone now.
Old Yield Sign - Boron, California

I recently returned to the abandoned Boron Air Force Station. The first time that I visited there was this cool old "Yield" sign that I photographed. The second time around the sign was destroyed and was nothing more than a post sticking up out of the ground. It's a good thing I captured it when I did.

If you wait to visit the abandoned building that you've been wanting to explore, your chance may come and go. It might be too late if you procrastinate. It's better to go now than wait until later.

Photography is just as much about being in the right place at the right time as anything else. If you don't "go" than you will not be where you need to be to capture that great photograph. It's about the adventure, or, perhaps, not missing out on the adventure because you hesitated.

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