Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Camera Hack: Simply, Cheap & Easy DIY Lens Hood

Coffee Sleeve Lens Hood
Some people love lens flare and some people hate it. Some photographers purposefully try to get it and include it in their compositions. Some photographers avoid having it in their images at all costs.

You'll get lens flare if your lens is pointed towards the sun. Even if you are photographing at an angle to the sun, there's a good chance you'll get some lens flare. If you want to avoid it you'll need a lens hood attached to the end of your lens.

But suppose you don't have a lens hood, either because you left it at home or because you don't own one. No problem! Use a coffee cup sleeve instead.
The Doors - Victorville, California
Note the lens flare seen over the window. This could have been avoided.
Coffee houses will put these sleeves on the outside of the cups so that you wont burn your fingers while holding the cup of scolding liquid. If you drink coffee, you may already have a sleeve or you may acquire one soon. If you don't drink coffee, I'm sure your local coffee house would be more than happy to give you one if you asked.

Simply place the small end of the coffee sleeve on your lens as seen in the photograph at the top. And that's it! Now you can worry just a bit less about that pesky lens flare.

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