Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Journey

Mystery Drive - Stallion Springs, California
"The journey, not the arrival, matters." --T.S. Eliot. 
The Journey. It is both the act of getting somewhere and the adventure of the trip. It is the mystery of it all.

I find myself more and more enjoying the journey of photography. Just yesterday I took a drive to the old mining town of Johannesburg, California, and the nearby towns of Randsburg, Red Rock and Atolia. I found a couple of really cool abandoned sites to explore and photograph.

Do you know what I liked most about it? The trip to and from the place. I enjoyed the views out the window. The changing light. The company of my family. Experiencing new things.

I'm also enjoying learning about these places--the history. That's an adventure, too. The vast amounts of easily accessed information is mind blowing.

Exploring the abandoned structures is also a part of the journey. Going through the old, empty buildings--trying to locate clues left behind that help tell the stories. It is quite fascinating.

And all of the exposures are also a part of the journey. Each image captured offers a lesson to build upon for future photographs. The photographs that I capture on the trip yesterday will help shape the photographs captured on future journeys.

It is not the arrival that matters, it is the journey. Enjoy the journey, because adventures are great things.

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