Friday, February 6, 2015

Urbex Images - Flickr Friday Favorites

It's time again for Flickr Friday Favorites! The Urban Exploration Photography Blog has a Flickr group called Urbex Images. There are many great photographers who have joined that group and have added some of their wonderful photographs to the group pool. I went through the group pool and found some of my favorite images to share here.

Last week's Flickr Friday Favorites post was highly popular. It was full of great abandonment photographs and I received a lot of very positive feedback. I mentioned in that post that I wasn't sure if I'd do this every week or not because of the amount of work that goes into it, but I'm going to do my best to make this an every week thing.

I want to thank every photographer who participated in this both last week and this week. You guys and gals are doing great work and it is a privilege of mine to be able to share the photographs here and bring some credit and exposure to you.

Please take some time to check out each photographer below. Click on their names to see their Flickr photostreams. A few provided a website or Facebook page that you can also visit. There's a lot of inspirational photographs to see! Also, be sure to take a look at all of the great photographs shared to the Urbex Images Flickr group, because what you see below is just a small sample.

I asked for and received permission from each photographer to use their images here. The photographers own the copyrights to their photographs.
NVA Erholungsheim - the small blemish by potosi6088m
The hazy light from the window is magical, giving this image great atmosphere.
Pavillon Pasteur #2 by Seb alessandroni
Infrared was a great way to make an interesting and unique image of this scene.
Humulus Lupulus by Johannes Burkhart
You've got leading lines, repeated patterns and repeated shapes. It makes me want to step into this scene.
Check out his Facebook page (click here).
let the guilt go by Szydlak likes Abandoned Places
This is a great concept image, and I like the use of depth-of-field to give a more somber feeling.
Phyllis Irwin's Bed by Frank Grace
I'm not usually a big fan of HDR, but it is well used and quite appropriate for this scene. Nicely done!

Check out his website (click here).
Abandoned State Hospital for Hair Care by skel bone 
This image has nice texture. I like the vertical lines and the repeated circles.
fairy tale castle by JPSorgues
This is a well designed and nicely exposed image that takes full advantage of the nearly-mirrored room.
Check out his website (click here).
P1301354 by Olivier Bailleux
Great use of contrast. I like the atmosphere and feeling of this image.


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