Friday, February 27, 2015

Urbex Images - Flickr Friday Favorites

Welcome to the Flickr Friday Favorites #5! As always, there are many great photographs that I'm honored to share with you. I'm amazed every time I put this together, and this week is no exception.

For those who may not know, The Urban Exploration Photography Blog has a Flickr group called Urbex Images. It's a great group with many talented photographers. Each week I go through the images that have been added to the group pool and pick my favorites to share here.

I wish that I could share a lot more than I do. There are tons of worthy photographs that get passed up (for several different reasons). You'll just have to visit the group to see them all yourself.

I highly encourage you to take a closer look at the photographers below. Simply click on their names to visit their Flickr pages. Several also have websites that you can take a look at.

As always, the copyrights of each photograph belong to the photographers. I asked for and received permission to use the photographs here. Thank you to everyone who participated!
Untitled by LostButNotForgotten
This photograph has nice atmosphere and good use of contrast. I like how it breaks some

photography "rules" (which, of course, aren't really rules). Even though the room is empty,
there are plenty of details to keep the viewer's attention. 
Abandoned Spring Garden School Rooftop - Philly 2014 by skel bone
There is great contrast here. It's very busy, but the openness and lightness of the scene make

it work. I really like that it is monochrome.
Wooden Wheelchair by Frank Grace
It's an empty room with an old wheelchair. Simplicity. The two wood doors add interest, balance

and provide thematic unity. Check out his website by clicking here.
Talk Hard by Freaktography
Contrast draws the eye straight to the microphone. Repeated circles add interest.

Check out his website by clicking here and his Facebook page by clicking here.
Just a Shell of its Former Self by Ron Pinkerton
I think those who go to abandoned sites at night are nuts. But it's that bit of craziness that allows

great light-painted images like this to be created. Great use of symmetry. 
Check out his website by clicking here.
Chaos by Seb alessandroni
It is chaotic, but it's also a mirrored image (due to the reflection) that's well balanced. Contrast

draws the eye to the upper right, and the eyes move up and down and to the left across the frame. 
beware the cat in the mirror by Szydlak likes Abandoned Places
This image has great depth and texture. It tells a story and is a bit mysterious. There are repeated lines and shapes. It's unusual but I'm really drawn to it.
the twin tower by potosi6088m
This "mirrored" image is well designed. Lots of repeated shapes. It's dark, but that dimness adds to the mystery of the scene.
Chateau B. by Michael Schwan
This is a simple yet detailed scene. Another well-designed "mirrored" image. Check out his Facebook page by clicking here.
Je vous parle d'un temps que les moins de vingt ans ne peuvent pas connaitre... by JPSorgues
By overlaying an image of the kitchen when it was still in use, we get a stark juxtaposition between then and now. Truly fascinating. Check out his website by clicking here.
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