Saturday, March 14, 2015

Really, Any Camera Is Good Enough

Hot Kitchen - Goodyear, Arizona
On Thursday I published a post called Your Camera Doesn't Matter. In it I said, "It doesn't matter what camera you use. Either you can create great photographs or you can't. Worry more about creating great images and worry less about gear."

Someone didn't think that I truly meant that. Certainly it matters a little what camera you use, right? You don't really mean that any camera will do.

But I do mean it. Take the above photograph, for example. What camera do you think I used to capture it? What if I told you it was an obsolete 5 megapixel camera that someone gave to me for free? That's true (sort of)--it was captured using a Samsung Galaxy S cell phone (the phone was "free" with a two-year contract).
Gas Station Sunset - Ehrenburg, Arizona
Captured using a Samsung Galaxy S.
That phone has been sitting in a drawer in my home for over a year. It's old and washed up. Yet it is still a capable photographic tool. The camera functions perfectly fine. I could use it right now if the battery was charged. The image quality is more than sufficient for most purposes.

So, yes, any camera is capable just as long as the photographer is also capable. This is because photography is never about equipment. Photography is about vision, creativity and the decisive moment. Those are the things that make photographs great.

You have to have a camera to capture images. But it could be a home-built pinhole camera. Or an obsolete cell phone. It doesn't matter. Whatever camera you have, use it to the best of your ability. It is certainly good enough.

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