Friday, March 6, 2015

Urbex Images - Flickr Friday Favorites

It's Friday, so that means Flickr Friday Favorites! I've gone through the photographs added to the Urbex Images Flickr group pool since the last FFF and hand-picked my favorites to share with you here.

Obviously there are many other great images that I could have picked. There are many talented photographers that have joined the group. It's really an honor to be the administrator of that Flickr group and also to be able share some of the photographs on The Urban Exploration Photography Blog.

The photographers own the copyrights to their photographs. I've asked for and received permission to use them here. Be sure to take a look at each photographer's Flickr page to see more of their wonderful photography.
where the green ants dream by potosi6088m
There's a lot to love about this image. You have contrasting elements: light and dark, dull and

vibrant, soft and hard. The atmosphere is great. I like the leading-line from the bottom-right corner
to the chair. The haze also leads the viewer from the top-left to the chair.
sounds of the playground fading ... by Szydlak likes Abandoned Places
There's a bit of mystery and uneasiness to this image. It's not just that it's a slide seemingly out of

place in the forest--the vantage point of the photographer gives it an almost sinister or creepy feel. 
Baseball Glove by Freaktography
Nothing symbolizes "youth" like baseball, and it's obvious that youth has passed this place up and

now it is merely a dusty memory that's slowly decaying. It's a very metaphoric image.
Check out his website and Facebook page.
Dungeness abandoned boats by Ioanna Sakellaraki
Abandoned boats might be on the "fringes" of urban exploration, but I really like this. The lighting

is great, and it probably wasn't really great, but it is great after careful post-processing. The image also has a nice cross-processed look.
Abandoned Bible College 2014 by skel bone
What I like most about this photograph is the repeated design on the carpet and ceiling. I find the

exit sign on the left to be a nice punchline.
The Barber Shop by Frank Grace
Three is sometimes a "magical" number in photography. It seems to have the right balance. This photograph is about the number three as much as anything else: three chairs, three tables, three mirrors. Look carefully and you'll find several other examples of three. Check out his website.

Abandoned hospital by the sea-Connecticut by joe bastek
All of the lines in this image lead the viewer to the window and chair. It's very simple yet visually powerful.
Per Manum. [Explored] by Johannes Burkhart
The old sewing machine is an interesting find. The photograph has a retro film look, which works quite well for the subject and lighting. Check out his Facebook page.
P2241919 by Olivier Bailleux
Simplicity. Design. Seeing the window differently than reality and creating a lovely still life 
abstract (if that's even the right description) out of the ordinary.

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