Friday, March 13, 2015

Urbex Images - Flickr Friday Favorites

It's Friday morning, so that means it's time for Flickr Friday Favorites! The Urban Exploration Photography Blog has a Flickr group called Urbex Images. Each week I go through all of the photographs added to the group pool and pick my favorites, which get posted here.

There are many talented photographers that have joined the Flickr group. There are so many great photographs that I'd like to share, but I have to limit it to something. To see the rest you'll just have to visit the Urbex Images Flickr group pool and discover them yourself.

For the images here I asked for and received permission to use these photographs. The copyrights belong to the photographers who captured them. I encourage you to visit their Flickr page and check out the rest of their work.

I've been doing Flick Friday Favorites for almost two months now. I mentioned in the very first one that I wasn't sure if I'd be able to keep this as a weekly feature. It takes a lot of time to put this post together. I think I'm going to make it an every-other-week thing. We'll see how next week goes, but it might be two weeks before another FFF gets published.

Anyway, grab a hot cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy the photographs below.
the Mad Hatter retires by Szydlak likes Abandoned Places
I really like the storytelling aspect of this image. It's mysterious. Why did the man leave his hat

behind? The lighting is pretty good, too.
PB250136 by Olivier Bailleux
This photograph is about geometry as much as anything else. I like the simplicity of it.
DSC_0972 by infirmier87
Nice lighting, nice use of depth-of-field. It may not be obvious at first, but contrast is actually what

draws the viewer into this image.
Brauhaus - die Wiege 26 by project_x_team
Bright contrasting colors (red and green as well as yellow and blue) are what this photograph's

about. It's an abstract image, which I appreciate.
Kirkbride Stairs - HRPC 2015 by skel bone
I really love this photograph's design. The repeated curves and shapes are great.
Living Room 7 by Charles Bodi
This photograph is about repeated rectangles as much as anything else. It's interesting how

everything seems mostly intact and untouched since the place was abandoned.
Youpi!!! La télé est débranchée by JPSorgues
Clean and simple--gotta love it! All of the vertical and horizontal lines really add to the image.
there is hope by potosi6088m
I really like the composition. I like the red curtains on the left side of the frame, which

color-contrasts with the green outside the doors and windows.
Woeful Silence. by Johannes Burkhart
This is an interesting scene. I imagine that whoever lived at this place would gather around this

piano for family fun and bonding. It seems warm and inviting, yet broken and painful.
Town mansion by Michael Schwan
This must have been a cool place to explore. It looks like someone could still be living there. The lighting matches the scene well.
La Piscine Crachoir, Belgium by Daniël den Toom
I like the repeated curves, lines and circles in this image. It's a good design from a busy scene.
Hell Slide #2 by Seb alessandroni
What makes this image great is the vibrant slide juxtaposed with the dull scene around it.

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