Friday, March 27, 2015

Urbex Images - Flickr Friday Favorites

After taking last week off, Flickr Friday Favorites is back! For the uninitiated, The Urban Exploration Photography Blog has a Flickr group called Urbex Images (which I am the administrator of), and I go through the photographs added to the group pool to find my favorites to share here.

There are many talented photographers in the group, and each day many interesting images are added to the group pool. It's really fun to go through. There are many more photographs worth seeing than what you see posted here.

As always, the copyrights belong to the photographers who created the photographs. All of the images you see here I asked for and received permission to use. I encourage you to take a closer look at each photographer--check out the rest of their work.
Playing to Empty Seats by Frank Grace
I like the from-stage perspective. It almost feels like the viewpoint of a spirit performing even in

death. The lights add some interest and drama.
Visit his website by clicking here.
remember how the numbers clicked? by cHRISTIN cORDOVA
The vintage look of this image is quite fitting for the subject. It has a film-like quality, and the
light-leaks are a nice touch.
Visit her website by clicking here.
Late Check-In by Ron Pinkerton
The yellow building is color-contrasted with he blue sky. The red light-painted interior gives an

uneasy feeling.
Visit his website by clicking here.
just a tiny guy, a pair of big eyes... and a shoe by Szydlak likes Abandoned Places
Contrast draws the eyes to the glasses, and from there one explores the many unusual details

of the scene.
Shocked couch by Fred Denman
This scene is interesting because of the face in the couch. The "NO" on the wall is a nice punchline. 

I like the simplicity of it.
P3132380 by Olivier Bailleux
This image is about simplicity and light. I really like the mysterious feeling of it. 
the devil is in the details b Tumra Needi
Another simple image. There are several repeated shapes. The punchline is found in the white oval.
the little white castle horse by potosi6088m
Gotta love the horse--it gives this scene a mysterious/whimsical feel. The through-the-doorway perspective adds depth.
Casting Couch by Joe Bastek
A simple scene with good lighting. It's vibrant, and the the red stains on the couch add subtle color-contrast.
timeless by Rainer Schund
Great lighting, composition, contrast and concept. Good use of a narrow depth-of-field.
Rusty flowers by Seb alessandroni
An interestering perspective. There are repeated lines and shapes. The green moss and rust provide some color contrast.

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