Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What's In My Camera Bag

1956 Chevy Bel Air At Cameron's Dairy - Tehachapi, California
Captured using a Nikon D3300 with a Nikkor 40mm lens.
I get asked sometimes what equipment I use. People are curious about what gear I have, what's in my camera bag.

My main camera that I use 90% of the time is a Nikon D3300 DSLR. It's fairly small and lightweight, yet delivers on image quality. It doesn't have a lot of frills, but that's just fine with me. Sometimes the "extras" just get in the way.

I have two lenses for this camera: a Nikkor 40mm AF-S DX f2.8G Micro and a Nikkor 55-200mm AF-S DX f/4-5.6G ED. The 40mm lens is absolutely fantastic and is what's most often attached to the front of my camera. The 55-200mm lens isn't quite as good, but gives me a little versatility. It's a good combo.
Alien - Mojave, California
Captured using a Nikon D3300 with a Nikkor 55-200mm lens.
The camera that I use second most often is a Nokia Lumia 1020. Yes, my cell phone. It's a decent camera (not just "decent for a cell phone" but a decent camera) and gives me a wide-angle option.

After that I have a few film cameras that I rarely use. Really, they're collecting dust. One is a FED 5c Rangefinder, another is a Minolta XG-1 SLR, and the last is a Holga 120N. I'd like to use these more often, but film is so expensive to buy, develop and scan. Roughly, it equals one dollar per exposure.

I have a few filters that I occasionally use (mostly circular polarizers, a neutral density and a red filter for film) and a tripod (it's a cheap, lightweight tripod from the 1950's that I found at a garage sale). It works very well, folds up small and is easy to carry around. I don't use it very often.
Forgotten Cans - Mojave, California
Captured using a Nokia Lumia 1020.
And that's it! Most of the time I don't even carry a camera bag with me. Oh, I have a few. But most of the time I just have one camera and one lens. That's a good set up. Less is more. So I don't really need a traditional camera bag.

One thing you may have noticed is that none of my gear is expensive. The DSLR is one of the least expensive on the market. The lenses aren't expensive--I paid less than $400 for both. The Lumia 1020 cost me all of $100 (with a two-year contract). The film cameras weren't expensive at all. Altogether, for everything, I paid under $1,000. Photography doesn't have to be expensive.

Also, your camera doesn't matter. I can "get away with" using cheap gear because I have photographic vision, which is what's truly important in photography.

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