Thursday, April 16, 2015

Photographs of Abandoned Chairs

The Lost Chair - Mojave, California
Yesterday I posted photographs of abandoned coffee mugs. Today I'm sharing my photographs of abandoned chairs.

It's not uncommon to find chairs left behind in abandoned buildings, especially homes. It's an interesting photography subject because it is easy to imagine someone sitting in a chair. We sit in chairs every single day. It's a regular part of life. Now these chairs are empty, broken and forgotten.

Almost all of the images in this post were captured using a Sigma DP2 Merrill, a Nikon D3300 and a Nokia Lumia 1020. I doubt you can tell which are from which. That's because your camera doesn't matter, vision does. Some of these photographs can be found in the Abandonment gallery on my website. Check it out!
Seat Unused - Mojave, California
Yellow Reading Chair - Rosamond, California
Window Chair - Mojave, California
Old Motel Chair - Rosamond, California
From The Past - Mojave, California
Forgotten Folding Chair - Cuddy Valley, California
Remnant Chair - Mojave, California
The Comfortable Chair - Mojave, California
Abandoned Home Front - Mojave, California
Broken Chair - Mojave, California
Chair For Relaxing - Newberry Springs, California
Forgotten Couch - Mojave, California
Make Yourself At Home - Atolia, California
Retro Living - Johannesburg, California
Deserted Interior - Mojave, California
Forsaken Chair - Mojave, California
Threadbare Couch - Mojave, California
The Deserted Chair - Mojave, California
Deserted Chair - Mojave, California
Neglected Cabin - Cuddy Valley, California
Forgotten Blue Chair - Mojave, California
Blue Chair - Tehachapi, California
Forgotten Seat - Tehachapi, California
Interior Design - Mojave, California
Abandoned Bench - Tehachapi, California
Lonely Plastic Chair - Tehachapi, California
Broken Chair - Mojave, California
Abandoned Monkey Onesie - Rosamond, California
Abandoned Furniture, Abandoned Building - Boron, California
Reading Chair - Rosamond, California
Old Chair, Broken - Rosamond, California
Ladder & Chair - Rosamond, California
The Comfy Chair - Mojave, California
Abandoned Couch - Lancaster, California
Forgotten Chair - Victorville, California
Abandonment - Victorville, California

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