Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Photographs of Abandoned Coffee Mugs

Fruit Cup - Tehachapi, California
One thing that I like to find in abandoned places are old coffee mugs. Perhaps it's because I'm a big fan of coffee. Maybe it's because you can use a coffee sleeve as a lens hood (probably not this reason). Maybe because it's a left-behind remnant that people can relate to, which helps them to understand that these places were once full of life.

In this post you'll find photographs of abandoned coffee mugs. I captured these while exploring abandoned places. In some photographs the cups are front-end-center in the images. In some they're much more subtle (like Room 7 where it is hidden pretty well).

The photographs with the names in light-blue (instead of the normal white) are available for purchase through my new website. Click on the name and you'll be taken to my web-store (or simply click here).
Organized Destruction - Tehachapi, California
Room 7 - Stallion Springs, California
Broken Heart Mug - Mojave, California
Old Coffee Cup - Mojave, California
Half Cup - Rosamond, California
Old Cup of Coffee - Tehachapi, California

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