Wednesday, May 13, 2015

House Demolished For Wind Farm While Owners Were Away

Dilapidated Desert Home - Mojave, California
There are hundreds of abandoned homes among the wind turbines in the Mojave Desert. When wind farms expand or new ones are built they buy out the necessary properties, some of which contain houses or other structures. Sometimes the homes are demolished, but often times the homes are left standing. They're just abandoned.

Recently one homeowner refused to sell. Their small vacation home in the Mojave Desert, which sat on five acres, had been in the family for over 100 years. It was furnished and contained antiques and old family photographs. When the family went to visit the house last March to perform maintenance, they didn't find the house. It was gone. Completely gone. Nothing was left of it.
Forgotten Desert Home - Mojave, California
As it turned out, the Rising Tree Wind Farm demolished the building. They said that they were attempting to demolish a different building, but got the location mixed up. They completely wiped out the family's vacation home and all of the memories and keepsakes contained inside.

The family has filed a lawsuit, which undoubtably they will win. I'm sure that there were things in the home that no amount of money will replace, but I'm sure the family will receive a good deal of money for their loss. I hope that charges are pressed, too. If I destroyed my neighbor's home I would be in jail. Why should it be different for a corporation?
Purple Beretta - Tehachapi, California 
This is the dirty part of "Big Green." Destruction is the side effect of all of the wind farms being erected on the hillsides. Destruction of homes. Destruction of beautiful landscapes. Destruction of birds, including some endangered species.

Perhaps society will deem this destruction worthwhile. Perhaps society will look back and wonder why they allowed this to happen. Perhaps society will remain largely unaware. Perhaps society just doesn't give a darn.

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