Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tell A Story With Your Photographs

Broken Souls - Newberry Springs, California

Photography is a form of non-verbal communication. Successful photographs say something that is meaningful to the viewer. The best photographs tell a story.

All photographs speak. Some say, "I'm boring." Some say, "Pay no attention to me." Some say so much that it's confusing. Obviously, you don't want images that speak like that.

You want images that say something interesting. You want images that grab the viewer's attention. You want storyteller photographs.

In order to achieve images that tell a story you must have photographic vision. You must know what story you want to tell before you can begin to tell a story through a photograph. Images that tell a story begin in your creative mind.

After you know what story you want to tell, you then must figure out the strongest way to tell that story. Often good stories are lost to poor storytelling. Ensure that only what is important to the story is included in the frame.

The final element to telling a story with a photograph is capturing the decisive moment. There is one moment where the scene is the strongest. If you can find that moment and capture it, you'll have an image that will engage the viewer's eyes.

The main take-away is to communicate as strongly as possible with your images. Think about what you want your photographs to say, and try to make that communication happen.

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