Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Abandonment: Mojave Home - Mojave, California

Mojave Home, Abandoned - Mojave, California
Captured in November of '13.
Back in November of 2013 I photographed an abandoned home near Mojave, California. Actually, there were three homes on the property--a main house and two small homes, one of which was used as a workshop--and a large shed. The main house, one of the small homes (the one that was used as a workshop), and the shed were locked up. The camera of choice was a Sigma DP2 Merrill.

The place was interesting, although largely inaccessible (the interiors, anyway). I captured several images through windows. The one small house that was open was quite intriguing. It had a bathroom but no kitchen. I think a poor migrant family lived in the one-room place. A bunch of clues were left behind, including an old photo album and kid items. Whoever lived here disappeared quickly, as it seemed like they left everything behind.
Divine Window - Mojave, California
Captured in November of '13.
Fast-forward to April of this year. I returned to this site to capture it again. I wanted to see if anything had changed. What was different?

The main house was still locked up and it looked untouched. The small home that had been locked up was now open. This is how I discovered that it had been used as a workshop. I'm not sure if it was always a workshop, or if it had once been a home that was later converted. From the outside it looks like a small house typical of this area.
Window, Three Shadows - Mojave, California
The other small home--the one that was open on the last visit--was still pretty much the same, although it was obvious that someone had visited the site and moved things around. Someone had assembled the word "fame" in one of the windows.

The only camera I brought along with me was a Nokia Lumia 1020. Yes, my cell phone! It's a good camera that I've used many times before. I didn't have time to post-process these images the way that I normally would (using Alien Skin Exposure software on my computer at home), so I edited them using an app on my phone (an app that came with the phone called Creative Studio). Overall I'm pleased with the results, and it goes to show that you don't need any special gear to create successful images.
Messy Shed - Mojave, California
A Child's Seat - Mojave, California
A Face In The Mask - Mojave, California
No One's Listening - Mojave, California
No Memories Recorded - Mojave, California
Fame - Mojave, California

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