Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Photography Is Communication

Broken Angels - Bodfish, California
Photography is a form of non-verbal communication. The stronger the communication, the stronger the photograph. If you want great images you need to be a great communicator through those images.

If the communication is confused or unorganized, no one will find the conversation interesting. Only strong communication will captivate an audience.

In order to be successful, one must communicate as clearly and deliberately as possible. Everything that is unnecessary to the photograph's intended message is removed by the photographer. If it isn't important to the point of the photograph, it is not included in the frame.
When All Is Lost - Mojave, California
Like the structure of a sentence, everything is placed in an organized fashion to facilitate the viewer through an image. Photographers will use whatever they can, including lines, contrast, shapes, space, focus, color, etc., to guide the viewer's eyes to where the photographer wants them to go. The photographer is thoughtful and careful with his or her compositions.

Great photographs are like musical compositions. A conductor leads a symphony, giving direction, clarity and unity to the musicians. All you would hear is chaotic noise if the conductor wasn't doing his job. The photographer, through the careful and thoughtful use of his or her camera, guides the viewer through the scene. Instead of chaos that nobody wants to view, the great photographer has orchestrated great art.

How is this done? It requires photographic vision. The photographer must have a vivid and imaginative conception. He or she then makes that conception a photographic reality. The stronger the vision is, the stronger the non-verbal communication will be through the image.

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