Friday, June 5, 2015

Urbex Images - First Friday Flickr Favorites

The Urban Exploration Photography Blog has a Flickr group called Urbex Images. Back in January I began featuring some of my favorite images from the group photo pool in a weekly post called Flickr Friday Favorites. This was great except that those posts take a lot of time to put together. So after a couple of months I reduced it to every-other-week. Starting now it's going to be a once-per-month feature published on the first Friday of each month. This post is the very first First Friday Flickr Favorites.

There are many wonderful photographers that add great photographs to the Urbex Images group pool. There are so many great sites being explored and many wonderful photographs being made of those places. I wish that I could show more.

I always ask for and receive permission to use the images you see. Some photographers don't want other people using their images without permission (myself included), so it is important for me to do that. This time around I only heard back from about half of those I sent messages to. There are many more photographs that I would have loved to show.

The five images below are by talented photographers. I encourage you to click on their names to see the rest of their great work. They each have a lot of interesting exposures to see!

Pruning the Family Tree by Ron Pinkerton
The foreground tree adds perspective, context and interest to the scene behind. There is color 
with the yellow tree and the blue sky. The lighting is great--this is a great example of light painting.
BNS_Boardroom_Pontypool by Robert Smith
Simplicity. Balance. Repeated lines. The center is subtly brighter than the edges to draw in your eyes.
Stuck UFO by Rainer Schund
I love the repeated circles. It's a moody scene with some subtle atmosphere. 
the last hope has vanished by potosi6088m
This is such an interesting image. It's "mirrored" (meaning it looks the same on both sides of the frame).

I love the tones. The lighting is great. There's tons of details to keep the eyes busy.
let me ride by Szydlak likes Abandoned Places
I like the careful use of lighting. Great job of "layering" the scene. There are lines that lead to the wheelchair.
There's a story that leaves more questions than answers.

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