Friday, July 24, 2015

Abandoned Neighborhood - Mojave, California

Dilapidated Desert Home - Mojave, California
Just outside of Mojave at the base of the Tehachapi Mountains among tall wind turbines sits a vacant neighborhood. In the desert, right along with cactus and creosote, are over 50 abandoned houses.

The reason that these homes are abandoned--at least one of the reasons--is that the wind farms have been expanding. As the wind farms expand the homeowners get bought out (or, if they hold out, their house might get bulldozed while they're away). The wind farms only demolish the homes if they are in the way of construction. Otherwise they sit, waiting for the desert to slowly consume them.

Some of the houses are newer, some are older. Some are in pretty descent shape, others are dilapidated. Some are full of furniture and junk, others are completely empty.
Abandoned Home Front - Mojave, California
The homes are on acreage, so they're pretty spread out. You don't notice all of the houses at once. When you find one, you can see a few others here and there. But as you move along you find more and more and more. I've only made it through a half dozen of them myself.

There are a few homes that are still occupied. Most are empty and abandoned, but a few people continue to live among the wind turbines. The wind farm itself is also quite active with lots of commotion and construction.

Going north out of Mojave on Business Route 58, turn west onto Arroyo Avenue and cross the railroad tracks. Continue straight west even as the road becomes dirt. You'll start seeing the houses past the aqueduct. There are a number of roads to explore and it's easy to get lost, so GPS is quite helpful. A four-wheel-drive high-clearance vehicle is necessary for some of the roads. As always, be safe. As the saying goes, take only photos, leave only footprints.
The Comfortable Chair - Mojave, California
Remnants of Warmth - Mojave, California
Shower Curtains - Mojave, California
Junk House - Mojave, California
Old Broken Television - Mojave, California
Seat Unused - Mojave, California
Abandoned McQueen - Mojave, California
On The Moon - Mojave, California
Broken Heart Mug - Mojave, California
The Patio - Mojave, California
Didn't Work Out - Mojave, California
Kitchen Faucet Handle - Mojave, California
Bathroom Essentials - Mojave, California
Deserted Desert Adobe - Mojave, California
Corrosion Compound Chemical Company - Mojave, California
Old Cabinet - Mojave, California
Abandoned Outhouse - Mojave, California
Jumping Cholla House - Mojave, California
Light Through The Rafters - Mojave, California
View Unknown - Mojave, California
Velmar - Mojave, California
Outdoor Light Fixture - Mojave, California
From The Hopeless Kitchen - Mojave, California
Unwanted VHS Tapes - Mojave, California