Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Your Style Is More Important Than Your Gear

Keep Out The Sun - Tehachapi, California
On my website I have an urbex portfolio, and something stood out to me. My photographs look like my photographs (my family calls them "Ritchie Pictures"), no matter what gear was used to capture them.

Having your own unique style, which I call photographic vision, is much more important than gear. If you have your own unique style, no matter what gear you use your images are going to look like your images.

How do you develop your own unique style? It takes time and practice, but most importantly it requires vision. If you develop your vision you will simultaneously develop your own unique photographic style.

The photograph at the top, which is found in my portfolio, was captured using a Nokia Lumia 1020. Yes, a cell phone! It doesn't matter what gear you use. It could be cheap or expensive, old or new. If you have vision your photographs are going to look like your photographs no matter what.

Worry more about what's important in photography and less about what's not. Don't have camera envy. Use what you have to the best of your ability and you'll realize that cameras don't matter nearly as much as you've been told.

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