Saturday, August 15, 2015

Abandonment: Forgotten Fireplaces

Home Love - Cuddy Valley, California
While I rarely purposefully capture certain subjects within my abandonment photography to fit within a category, sometimes I notice images that go together. There's a common thread.

Recently I noticed that I have a handful of fireplace photographs. These used to keep people warm on cold nights. People would gather around and perhaps tell stories or enjoy hot chocolate. Life surrounded them.

But now the fireplaces are forgotten. No longer do they give warmth. No one gathers around them. They've been abandoned. They've been lost to time.
Remnants of Warmth - Mojave, California
Old Chimney - Loraine, California
Face In The Fireplace - Cuddy Valley, California
Trash Can Optional - Rosamond, California
Forgotten Fireplace - Mojave, California

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