Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Open Door Photographs

Open doors are metaphoric. They can mean different things to different people. Perhaps it is an opportunity. Maybe hope. Perhaps it is ominous. Maybe scary. Mysterious. Dark. Depending on your point of view and life experiences, open doors can mean to you any number of things.

Photographs of open doors brings with it not only the emotions of the viewers, but also the emotions of the photographer. I can make an image look dark and ominous. I can make an image bright and colorful. The perspective can be of the warm outside, or it could be looking into the interior shadows.

The photographs below all have, either as a large or small element in the frame, an open door. Some have significantly different emotions than others. They were captured using a variety of gear, including a Sigma DP2 Merrill, Nikon D3300 and Nokia Lumia 1020 (among other cameras). It doesn't really matter what gear I used, because there are things more important than gear, such as vision and creativity.
Empty Doorway - Victorville, California
The Open Door - Tehachapi, California
Unlevel Door - Loraine, California
Door, Broken - Mojave, California
Through The Front Door - Rosamond, California
Sleeping Doorway - Mojave, California
Tumbledown Door - Cuddy Valler, California
Neglected Cabin - Cuddy Valley, California
In Need of Maintenance - Newberry Springs, California
Better Days Behind - Rosamond, California
Deserted Desert Abode - Mojave, California
From Darkness - Boron, California
Down The Stairs & Out The Door - Tehachapi, California
Vintage Abandoned Ranch - Rosamond, California 
Tree House - Johannesburg, California
No One Is Listening - Mojave, California
Open Door & Tattered Window - Mojave, California
Life Right Outside The Open Door - Tehachapi, California
Dips In Pavement - Mojave, California
Open Door Palm - Newberry Springs, California
Junk House - Mojave, California
Room 7 - Rosamond, California
Old Dormitories - Boron, California
Colorful Open Door - Boron, California
Retro Living - Johannesburg, California
Rusted Wall - Amarillo, Texas

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