Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Photographs of Abandoned Signs

Mojave Apartments - Mojave, California
Signs are everywhere. They come in many different shapes and sizes and they say all sorts of different things. They serve many different purposes. It is no surprise that I run across signs frequently when I explore and photograph abandoned places.

I've found road signs. I've found repurposed signs. I've found signs that are in good shape. I've found signs that are so faded you can't read what they once said. I've found defaced signs. I've found broken signs.

The photographs in this post are signs of different kinds that I've captured while urban exploring. I've used all sorts of different gear to capture these, including a Sigma DP2 Merrill, Nikon D3300 and a Nokia Lumia 1020, but don't be fooled--gear doesn't matter, vision does.
Mems Poe - Newberry Springs, California
No Through Fare - Victorville, California
Now Open - Tehachapi, California
Tragic Home, Sign And Fence - Mojave, California
Unicor - Boron, California
No Trespassing Post - Rosamond, California
Stolen Railroad Crossing Sign - Rosamond, California
Actis Garden's Sign - Mojave, California
All Visitors Must Register - Rosamond, California
Broken Old Sign - Newberry Springs, California
Private Roads Owners Only - Mojave, California
Velmar - Mojave, California
Broken Exit - Boron, California
No Trespassing - Tehachapi, California
Old Yield Sign - Boron, California
Wall Showing - Mojave, California
Mojave Apartments Sign - Mojave, California
Boss Hog - Tehachapi, California
Keep Out The Sun - Tehachapi, California
Dips In Pavement - Mojave, California
Do Not Disturb - Mojave, California
Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed Away - Mojave, California
The Future Is Blight - Newberry Springs, California
Fear - Newberry Springs, California

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