Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Unusual Abandonment Location: The Local Park

Ghost of The Past - Tehachapi, California
I went to a local park with my wife and kids yesterday. I wasn't expecting to photograph abandoned structures, but that's exactly what I did.

We were walking down a path when we spotted the remains of an old shed. Not much was left, just a couple parts of the wall. A concrete pipe suggests that it may have been a pump house. The park used to be a dairy farm many decades ago, and this is likely one of the few remnants of that.

A little further down the path we came across a railroad mainline. That's actually the reason we were here--the kids wanted to see a train. There's a picnic table there and we stopped for a snack.

While I was eating an apple I noticed the remains of some small concrete structures near the railroad tracks. I walked down and investigated them a little. I discovered what's left of a water system. This is most certainly leftovers from the days of steam trains, and I suspect that a water tower once stood in this area. They were all over because it's a mountain pass and steam locomotives need to fill up frequently. A date on one piece was stamped 1943.

Not much is left, but enough remains to tell a story of an almost forgotten history. A day when cattle roamed the hills. A day when steam locomotives chugged through the mountain pass and their whistle echoed off the hills. You can almost imagine it.

Diamond In The Rough - Tehachapi, California
1943 - Tehachapi, California
Post Imperative - Tehachapi, California

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