Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Abandonment: Cal City House - California City, California

Abandoned In California - California City, California
I got a new camera. I'm replacing my Nikon D3300 DSLR with a Sony RX100 II. It's smaller and lighter and has similar image quality. I'll get into all of that, plus have a full review, in the coming weeks. 

One of the very first things that I did with the Sony RX100 II camera is visit an abandoned house. I've known about this place for awhile, but never had the opportunity (or made it a priority) to visit. The new camera was an excellent excuse.

The house sits on the outskirts of California City in the middle of the Mojave Desert, right off of California Highway 14. Actually, there are four abandoned structures. Cars and trucks zoom by every day and probably don't even notice the place.
Rusty Door Catch - California City, California
The main house, which isn't all that old, is a three bedroom and one bath place. It was probably built in the 1960's (it actually might not even be that old) with stucco and a spanish-tile-roof. It looks like the house was in the middle of a remodel when it was abandoned.

There's a small structure near the house that was a bathroom. There was a toilet and shower in there. I'm not sure why they had a separate bathroom from the main house--it seems quite unusual.

A large garage and workshop are also on the property. This may have been the owner's work--he may have been a mechanic. It looks more like a professional workspace than a living or hobby space.
Shower Shelf - California City, California
The final structure was a small one-room place that might have been a storage shed. There's some evidence that it might have been lived in at some point (maybe used as a small guest house), but it doesn't have any plumbing. This building looks like the oldest of the four.

They left some things behind (although not a lot) that provide clues to what this place was like before abandonment. I don't think it's been abandoned all that long--perhaps 10 years--but it seems like nobody has lived in the place for a long time. It was being restored prior to abandonment.

The Sony RX100 II did a good job. These were some of the very first images captured with the camera (Fireplace Arch was exposure #8), so I was still figuring things out, both with the camera and with post-processing. It was good to use the camera in-the-field and, overall, it worked pretty well. It was a good experience.
Disowned In The Desert - California City, California
Fireplace Arch - California City, California
Sinister Smile - California City, California
Diamond Sneaker - California City, California
Happiness Is Marrying Your Best Friend - California City, California
No Preservatives - California City, California
An Old Knob - California City, California
Crooked Window Joshua Tree - California City, California

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