Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Things Change ...And Abandoned Buildings Come Down

Lake Front Property - Rosamond, California
There's a small abandoned ranch in Rosamond, California that I've visited and photographed a couple of times. It even made it into my post Top 10 Best Urban Exploration Sites In California's Mojave Desert. I noticed that of the four structures on the property, only one still stands. The other three have been removed and the property cleaned up.

Things change. Now that I've been doing this whole urban exploration thing for a few years, it's amazing to me just how much things change with the passing of time. Places that have been abandoned for years and years--perhaps many decades--will overnight vanish. It may seem like they're forgotten and will remain untouched for a long time to come, but you just never know when someone will start caring.

The moral of this is if you want to explore some abandoned place you've been eyeing, don't wait! Your opportunities may end before you expect them to.

All of the photographs in this post are of those three now-gone buildings (and the junk left inside). If I hadn't photographed them when I did, there would be no way for these images to exist. If I had procrastinated my opportunities would have slipped through my fingers. But since I did photograph the place, I now have these images to document what once was.
Classic Television Set - Rosamond, California
Wall Shadows - Rosamond, California
Full of Junk - Rosamond, California
What I Learned In Oklahoma - Rosamond, California
Old Chair, Broken - Rosamond, California
Vintage Abandoned Ranch - Rosamond, California
Now Unused - Rosamond, California
Light From Above - Rosamond, California
Forgotten Mess - Rosamond, California
Soundcraft - Rosamond, California
Young California Pioneer - Rosamond, California
To The Reader - Rosamond, California

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