Thursday, December 31, 2015

Abandonment: Antelope Valley Homes - Lancaster, California

Abandoned In Antelope Valley - Lancaster, California
I found a couple of abandoned homes in the Mojave Desert in the Antelope Valley just outside of Lancaster, California. They're right next to each other and on the same property, sharing the same driveway.

A couple of years ago I remember driving past this property looking for abandoned homes, and this place wasn't abandoned. Someone clearly lived there. But now nobody lives in these homes. They're empty. They are abandoned.

When I entered the first house I quickly discovered why no one lives there anymore. There was a house fire that did some significant damage. Some rooms were heavily scorched. My impressions are that the house wasn't in great shape to begin with, but after the fire it most certainly was unlivable.
Abandoned Homes In The Yellow Desert - Lancaster, California
The second house wasn't the most well kept place, either, but it wasn't damaged by the fire. A third structure, a detached garage, was also unscathed by the flames. These buildings were not well maintained, but even now someone could move in.

Not much was left behind. A couple of small couches. An electric stove. Some old tires. A few small odds and ends. Most things left when the people who lived here left. Not many clues remained as to who lived in the house and what life was like.

My impression is that the house burned, insurance money was paid, and the people split with the money. Perhaps the money wasn't enough to fix the house. Or perhaps it's exactly what was needed for a fresh start somewhere else.
Abandoned Green House In The Desert - Lancaster, California
Sometimes abandoned houses are thoroughly ransacked. I don't think that I'm the first to enter these buildings, but I don't think that too many have visited. It seems pretty intact and undamaged (other than from the fire).

I captured all of these photographs using a Sony RX100 II. Even though this is a small pocket-sized camera, it did an exceptional job. Even hand-held in low-light the camera did just fine. Honestly, if I had used a bigger, more expensive camera, I would have captured the same images.

Gear is not what's important in photography. Photographic vision is what matters most. It's what you do with your camera that makes a photograph what it is, and never the camera itself.
Too Hot - Lancaster, California
Cobwebs In The Kitchen - Lancaster, California
Abandoned Lane Bedroom - Lancaster, California
The Bathroom Door - Lancaster, California
Obscurity of Neglect - Lancaster, California
9040 Door - Lancaster, California
Taped Window - Lancaster, California

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