Tuesday, December 22, 2015

This Blog Has Been Abandoned (Or So It Seems)

Lost Truck Hood - Tehachapi, California
The Urban Exploration Photography Blog has been very quiet lately. It seems like it's been abandoned, much like the places featured here or the old hood in the photograph above.

I haven't actually abandoned this blog. I've been extraordinarily busy lately. In fact, I just moved across town a couple of days ago. There's work, family and holidays. And in five months I'm moving my family from California to Utah. I just haven't had the time to regularly post updates.

I will occasionally publish articles and photographs. I haven't called it quits. But until I get settled in Utah, don't expect more than a handful of posts per month. It's just not going to happen. Eventually, though, I plan to bring the content and quality of The Urban Exploration Photography Blog back up to what it was earlier this year.

Your patience and understanding through all of this is greatly appreciated. I cannot thank you enough for checking in, sticking with me, viewing the posts that have been published. It means a lot, and it's the reason that I'm not giving up on this blog (even though at times it seems like I have). Really, thanks!

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