Sunday, January 17, 2016

Don't Give Up (Even If Nobody Cares About Your Photography)

Fame - Mojave, California
Does it matter if nobody cares about your photography? Does it matter if you don't have many followers? Does it matter that you don't get many likes or stars or thumbs up? Does it matter if nobody is buying your work?

Most photographers are not successful. Most photographers are barely earning any money. Most photographers are living in relative obscurity. Only those at the top are successful.

What about you? Are you one of the few well-known photographers? Or are you one of those scratching at the bottom hoping for a chance to be in the sun?

If you are one of the many who are not all that successful, don't give up. Don't stop trying. Don't stop improving. Keep at it.

What if only one person (besides yourself) saw your photographs? What if, after 10 years, you only sold one image? What if a successful photographer took you under their wings, but after a short time they stopped helping you because they thought you were not good enough to be a photographer?

Would you give up? Or would you persevere because it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks?

You shouldn't care about what others think. You shouldn't be concerned with fame. You should be doing this whole photography thing for yourself. You should be a photographer because you love to photograph. You should be self motivated because you have an inner purpose. Nothing else matters.

I saw this 10 minute video yesterday entitled Painting In The Dark: The Struggle For Art In A World Obsessed With Popularity by Adam Westbrook. It's both depressing and inspirational. You must watch it, especially if you've ever struggled with any of the questions above. It says a lot of what I want to say but in a way that's better than I could say it. I've included the video below, simply click play!

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