Saturday, January 30, 2016

School Bus & Social Media

Tangled School Bus - Cane Brake, California
Back in March I published a post entitled The Legend of The School Bus In The Riverbed. It featured photographs that I captured several years ago of an abandoned school bus half-buried in dirt (plus a few other images). It included some stories, which may or may not be true, of how the bus came to rest in this unusual place.

The post received very little attention when it was published. The Urban Exploration Photography Blog was pretty new at the time, and the audience was fairly small, so it had less than 50 page views since it was published.

Until today.

The post got picked up on social media and has been making the rounds on Facebook. In a matter of a few hours it went from an obscure post to the most popular of all time on this blog. Social media can move that quickly. And it's very unpredictable.

The photographs in that post are not my best by a long shot. They are not great. A few of them were published in a book, and even those are not all that good. But now they are my most popular.

If there is anything negative from this attention it is that some of my worst pictures on this blog are the most viewed. That's not what you want as an artist. I would have picked a different post to go viral. If I didn't want that bus article to get so much attention I shouldn't have published it. It's as simple as that.

I need to look at the positive and not the negative. Perhaps some of those who viewed that post also viewed some of my other posts. Maybe I'll get some more regular readers because of the bus article.

When I captured those photographs (roughly five years ago) I never imagined just how far they'd go. I thought they were good at the time, but in retrospect they were not good. Somehow, though, they've received plenty of attention, gotten plenty of likes and shares and even made it onto the shelves of some local bookstores.

I wouldn't have guessed that. And it's certainly encouraging.

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