Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Abandonment: Inland Truss Company - Mojave, California

I visited the abandoned Inland Truss outside of Mojave, California in July of 2014. I like to occasionally return to places to see how they've changed and perhaps capture some better photographs. I was excited to revisit this place because the first time around yielded some of my favorite images.

What I found, however, was pretty disappointing. The place had been ransacked pretty thoroughly, and plenty had been taken. Vandals destroyed a lot. I found it in pretty rough shape. This is not to say that it was in great shape in 2014, but it's much worse now. It almost didn't seem like the same place.

It made me appreciate the original experience exploring and photographing the site.

Below you'll find some of the photographs captured (using a Sigma DP2 Merrill) on that hot summer day in '14. Below that are the photographs I captured last month (using a Sony RX100 II) on a mild winter day.

Modular - Mojave, California
Two Modular Windows - Mojave, California
Passageway - Mojave, California
The Sound of Silence - Mojave, California
Old Coffee Cup - Mojave, California
Copy Machine - Mojave, California
Desk - Mojave, California
Leaning Pattern - Mojave, California

Workshop Desk - Mojave, California 
Forgotten Soccer Champs - Mojave, California
Emptied Desk - Mojave, California
Broken View of The Desert - Mojave, California

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