Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Long Overdue Update + Announcement

Forgotten Utah - Tehachapi, California
It's been nearly a month since I posted an update to The Urban Exploration Photography Blog. That's too long, and I apologize. I've been really busy lately, and that brings us right into the big announcement: I'm moving from California to Utah.

While I love living in central California, and I don't feel that I've even scratched the surface of exploring and photographing abandoned places in the region, it's time for me to move on. Utah will certainly offer plenty of photographic opportunities, and I know that there are many abandoned sites there, as well. I can't wait to find and photograph them!

In the meantime, I appreciate your patience. Thank you for hanging in there despite how quiet it has been. Activity will pick up, but probably not for another month, maybe longer. Between now and then posts will be few and far between. I'll try to get one published each week, but no promises.

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